Contextual advertising

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Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertising, shows ads that appear on websites, applications or other media. Ads are selected by automated systems based on the interests of the user and the content of the page on which it is displayed. In other words contextual advertising are ads that are placed on different web pages with content related to the ads being published.

How does contextual advertising work?

When a person visits a page or website, the contextual advertising system analyzes the content of specific words or combinations of words called keywords and displays related ads. Ads can appear on the website as small ads or as pop-ups.

For example, if the visitor is on a website related to sports and this site is displaying contextual advertising, the visitor will be shown ads that are related to sports. Contextual advertising is also used by search engines to show ads on their results pages, based on the keywords the visitor is looking for.

Contextual advertising has had a great impact on the revenue of many websites and their advertisers, because the ads are more specific, and this means they are more likely to click, thus generating higher conversions.

This is one of the preferred methods to advertise online today, because the click rates are typically higher with this type of advertising. This is because people who see the ads are already partially prepared to buy the products or services that are offered, because the ads are related to the topic of interest they are reading.

This is a good win-win strategy, because you will get a high ROI in your advertising campaigns and at the same time you can get income with your website by offering spaces for advertising for other advertisers. It is proven that contextual advertising can help advertisers to obtain higher sales, generate potential customers, and mainly obtain a low cost in their advertising campaigns.

The main benefit of contextual ads is that the advertiser can really have a better control over their advertising budget, and with this type of advertising ensures that their ads are shown to the right audience, in the right place and can also be directed geographically

Today more than 90% of websites show some advertising that is relevant to the content of that page, it’s time to take advantage of contextual advertising to grow your CPA marketing business.