Selection of offers within CPA networks

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When you have access to the platform of any CPA network, the user has access to a main board where he has multiple options available that act as a filter to pre-select the offers.

It also has some graphs that show the statistics where you can see the number of visits to your offers in promotion as well as the number of conversions that can be filtered by month, week and specific day.

To select the offers that best suit your strategy or market niche, all platforms have a filter by name, country, category, traffic source, conversion type, offer identification number, type of offer, among others. .

This serves to make the filters corresponding to the needs as an affiliate based on the type of advertising that is carried out to promote the different CPA offers.

It is important to mention that in most CPA networks the user has to request prior authorization before generating the affiliate link to promote a specific offer, this is as a security measure and above all to control the offers on the part of the CPA network.

When requesting approval to promote an offer, the network asks through a small form, what is the promotion method that you plan to use to promote each offer separately.

It is for that reason that it is important to have the basic knowledge on how to launch advertising campaigns, that is why CPA networks reserve the right to accept access to beginners because many try to enter without knowing anything about CPA and that turns out to be the number 1 error .

The CPA Marketing industry is a serious business and for that reason we recommend the beginners to train before entering the business, can be trained through their own research without paying anything or can be started professionally by investing in courses or training on CPA.

Investing in training can be a great effort especially when the economic situation is not at its best, however just as a doctor prepares years in medicine and invests large amounts of money in studies and work tools before being able to open a heart, so in the same way to be a professional in CPA effort is required.