The follow-up to conversions.

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A conversion referring to the CPA Marketing can be understood as the desired action that we want a visitor to make when interacting with our ad or website. In short, conversion is simply getting someone to respond to the call to action.

Conversion tracking is the process of placing a small snippet of code in the ad, landing page or thank you page to record the actions of your visitors.

Registered data can be used to find out which aspects of your website design and advertising are working well and which are not. Tracking allows you to test multiple ads, keywords, landing pages and offers, and compare the results.

We will know why this type of monitoring is important and the benefits it can represent for our business.

Why do we need to track conversions?

Simply because knowing how many sales are being made is not enough.
If you are going to invest a certain amount of money in advertising for a particular campaign, then it is advisable to do some kind of follow-up, to find out if that time and money invested is paying off.
Let’s say that you are having good profit with your advertising campaigns, in this case, tracking may not seem so important, but keep in mind, how much more benefit you could get if you know exactly the ad and the winning keyword, that could reduce your Spending on the ad and significantly increase the return on investment.

But … How does tracking help you make more money?

At the most basic level, tracking helps you figure out the return on investment and how to best spend your money. This helps you discover which keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are most profitable.

It allows you to know which are the ads and pages that convert most quickly.
It lets you know how much each visitor is costing your web page.
By assigning a unique tracking code to different ad groups and promotions, you can determine exactly which ad or promotion brought you the sale.
Do not forget that a conversion does not refer exclusively to an entry of money into our account; A conversion is any action that we want the visitor to perform when interacting with our advertisement or landing page, which can range from a mail record to a specific sale.

Monitoring is not limited to knowing the number of sales or conversions, but should focus on tracking tracks, records, winning ads, number of visits on your website or any other specific detail to grow your business.