What are the 4 most important pillars in CPA Marketing?

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CPA Marketing is made up of 4 important parts that make it possible for this business model to be profitable by doing it the right way.


1. The merchant or owner of the offer.


2. The network of affiliates or CPA networks.


3. The Publisher or affiliate.


4. The customer.


* The owner of the offer seeks to promote your product or service to expand your market and get more customers, often refer directly to the CPA networks for the purpose of getting affiliates to promote their offers by taking a commission for each Customer referred.


* The network of affiliates or CPA networks. Your job is to get affiliates to promote the owner’s offers. It basically fulfills the intermediary function between the owners of the offers and the publishers or affiliates. They process all payments and follow up in addition to providing support to verify that the prospects or customers referring to the affiliates are real, ensuring that the owner of the offer gets a good profit by getting more customers.


* The Publisher or affiliate fulfills the function of taking the offer, doing promotion and getting prospects and potential customers. The Affiliate has the option of working under a CPA network or directly with the owner of the offer. Basically your job is to connect the offers with the prospects or customers.


* The customer or end user acts on the offer, performs a specific action within the offer, which results in the payment of the affiliate, the CPA network and the owner of the offer. The client is a daily user who often surfs the internet without knowing that he is part of the main pillar in the CPA Marketing program when he does an online action where he doesn’t necessarily have to buy something.