What are the Banners advertising platforms?

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Advertising by banners is an important source of traffic very popular in CPA Marketing especially when this is a great way to generate traffic to your website at extremely low costs.

Banners can be placed on own or third-party websites, in order to place banners on third-party websites there are advertising platforms that allow you to reach the most popular web pages with the most monthly traffic so you can place an attractive banner within Such a site can attract tons of visitors that will bring you conversions.

To have your advertising banners you can create your own graphic designs or you can contact a digital media advertising agency to design them for you.

In designing a banner the important things to keep in mind are:

· It must be visually appealing.
· The text of the message should be catchy and simple.
· The colors must be attractive and in accordance with the product.
· The size of the image must be the correct one for the advertising space that will be hired.

If you have an offer, product or service and want to make it known to a large geographic market then banner advertising may be the right way to move forward, so here we present some platforms where you can buy this type of advertising.

One of the simplest platforms to operate, it has statistics and metrics that allow you to get the most out of your banner advertising campaigns, in addition to having split testing options.

Banner Connect
It is based in the Netherlands and has several partners, they do more than just advertising, so feel free to explore your platform to see if you find something that meets your needs.

It is one of the oldest advertising platforms with the most experience in the advertising market, offering solutions for ads of all kinds and managing a wide variety of market niches.

They are an independent advertising network that has been active since 1999, so it can be a very good option considering that its platform is available in Spanish.
The biggest benefit that Infolinks offers is its smart advertising technology, which is applied to advertisements to optimize the performance and budget of your banner campaigns.
The main benefit of your advertising network is automation. They have programmatic and algorithmic buying / selling, so they can optimize their ads without having to look in detail at the sites you are using.
Specialized exclusively in the niche of the technology they offer excellent performance in graphic advertising but you should be careful not to use this advertising platform if your niche or offer is about recipes because you will never succeed.
These are just an example of many platforms where you can buy advertising for banners, the important thing is to find one that meets your needs and focus on lifting your campaigns as quickly as possible.