What are the steps to perform an A / B Testing analysis?

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Performing Split Testing in the CPA Marketing is such a determining factor that can make the difference between being a simple affiliate or being a super affiliate. In business everything that can be measured can always be improved and without taking measurements of advertising campaigns it is impossible to be successful.

The steps to carry out a correct analysis of the A / B testing are the following:

Collect data:
The most important thing in the first place is to obtain data of what is happening with the traffic that arrives at the ads, with that information you can begin to optimize. Identifying which is the source of traffic that brings more number of prospects to your ads is very important to start by optimizing the budget and bring prospects to your ads at the lowest possible cost.

Identify Objectives:
Your conversion goals are the metrics you are using to determine if the variation in your ads or landing pages is more successful than the original version. Goals can be anything from clicking a button, entering a purchase link or depositing an email, etc.

Generate Hypothesis:
Once you have identified a goal, you can start generating A / B test ideas to hypothesize why you think they will be better than the current version. Once you have a list of ideas, start making changes in terms of expected impact and difficulty of implementation.

Create variations:
Using an A / B testing software (such as Optimizely), make the desired changes to an item on your website or in the experience of the mobile application. You can start by changing the color of a button, changing the order of elements on the page, hiding navigation elements, or something completely customized. Many of the main A / B testing tools have a visual editor that will make these changes easy. Make sure your experiment works as expected.

Run experiment:
Start your experiment and wait for the visitors to participate. At this point, visitors to your site or application will be randomly assigned to the original or variation of your test. Their interaction with each test is measured, counted and compared to determine how they behave.

Analyze the results:
Once your experiment is complete, it is time to analyze the results. Your A / B test software will present the experiment data and show you the difference between how the two versions of your page were made and if there is a statistically significant difference you can see every detail of the behavior of your prospects.

If you find a winner in your variation, congratulations! See if you can apply learnings of the experiment in other pages of your site and continue performing test experiments to improve your results. If your experiment generates a negative result or no result, do not worry. Use the experiment as a learning experience and generate new hypotheses that you can test.