What characteristics should a landing page fulfill?

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To correctly create a landing page to promote CPA offers, it is important to comply with the basic characteristics of CPA Marketing.

Depending on the campaign or offer you decide to promote, it differs from the type of landing page you choose to work with. However, there are essential points and guidelines that should be followed for most landing pages:

Call to action
A call to action is a button or link that allows the user to know what to do next. The call to action should be the most prominent thing on the page. It should also be placed in a convenient space where the user recognizes it instantly and therefore, follow the next action.

The text that appears on the landing page should not be an exact copy of any other website, it is important to add original content that is clear and understandable to the visitor, the objective is to convey the correct information that makes it clear about what is the offer.

The header title should be highlighted in bold because they communicate quickly with users to tell them what they are seeing. The headers must be short and also precise, they must also attract users to read more in the content.

You need to do your research on your offer and know exactly what value it has for the user. It is important to establish the benefits and the value of your CPA offer to mention them on your page, doing this will automatically achieve that the user connects with the offer.

These days with the introduction of mobile devices and tablets, more and more people are browsing websites from their phones. It is a must that your landing pages are fully responsive so that you do not miss that traffic. This means that your landing pages can be seen on all devices, browsers and screen resolutions.

You must make sure that your page is optimized and built to load quickly. There are several tools to check the loading time of your page, it should be able to take a high volume of visits and load almost instantly when your potential client or visitor clicks on it. Test the speed of your page here GTMetrix.

Compatibility between browsers
You must also make sure that the pages are represented correctly and that they appear in all browser types. Sometimes, different browsers display web pages differently and what may look good in one may seem awful in others, so you should always check it. Check the visibility between browsers here Browsershots.

The correct tracking is essential for your landing page you must add it before you start sending any kind of traffic. The tracking should be applied so that you can correctly judge the landing page’s performance and also test different factors to see if the results are different.