What is an Affiliate Manager?

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* All networks in the world of CPA Marketing have internal staff called affiliate managers, their function is basically to moderate the affiliates. An affiliate manager manages affiliates helping to be better promoters of offers.

* They are dedicated to helping affiliates in all kinds of situations, including: help with tracking offers, find the best deals to promote, generate sales / conversions, be paid correctly in a timely manner.

* In addition, the affiliate manager is also responsible for making sure that affiliates are promoting offers in the right way and above all making sure that affiliates are honest by getting real conversions without violating any law.

Here are some examples of how the affiliate manager can help.

* Affiliated managers are often publishers and affiliates themselves. This allows them to transmit their knowledge about what are the best deals as well as what is the ideal traffic source and everything that works to get conversions in the offers, this helps the affiliates a lot to have a guide to run campaigns in the right way .

* Manage the payment of commissions to affiliates in a timely manner. They are responsible for resolving any problem related to the payment of commissions since they fulfill the function of intermediary between the merchant and the affiliates, it is important to go to the affiliate manager if there is any inconvenience with the payments, they will be in charge of giving solution.

* If the affiliate is doing well in his promotion work carrying effective conversions then he can ask the affiliate manager for an increase in the commission on a specific offer that is working productively, depends on the conditions of the offer but they could authorize paying a little more than commission.

* If you have a specific offer in mind for a niche or source of traffic, then it is advisable to check with the affiliate manager if you have that offer. Sometimes even they hide some offers from normal members, so it’s always worth asking them if they have the offer that meets their need.

* The affiliate manager can be very helpful because they can tell you what is working and what are the hot offers at the moment. Therefore, feel free to ask them if they recommend trying something different. Sometimes the smallest suggestion can have the greatest results.

* As soon as you are accepted into an affiliate network, you should contact your affiliate manager and make yourself known.