What is CPA and is it true that you can win even without selling anything?

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* The abbreviation of the acronym CPA means cost per share, it is known that in the Affiliate marketing this is to say that the merchant or owner of the offer is willing to pay a commission as soon as the leaflet performs a specific action within a website.


What kind of action is valid to make a commission effective?


* The types of action a prospect can make includes from buying a product or service, hiring auto insurance, ordering a free sample, filling out a form, completing a survey, registering email, downloading an application, Install software, download a game, post zip code, confirm a cell phone registration code, subscribe to a membership, apply for a financial loan, apply for a credit card, download music, etc.


* Not all of the aforementioned actions require that the prospect has to pay some of the pocket, so this makes it entirely possible that the Affiliate can earn unlimited amounts of commissions without selling anything, the goal is to refer new prospects.


* Although the prospect does not buy anything at the moment, the strategy of the owner of the offer is in converting all prospects into potential customers, show you the product or service offered and in the future sell something. This way it is as the business of CPA Marketing becomes a winwin.


* The owner of the offer WINS clients at the same time that the CPA Network gains commission by getting the affiliates to promote the bids to win the Commission for each referral and finally the potential customer gains a good experience by knowing products or services that They can benefit you, in this business model everyone wins.


* Finally this becomes a great business opportunity for the affiliate because the owner of the offer pays the agreed Commission at the time the prospectus performs the required action.