What is the definition of each of the traffic sources?

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What is the definition of each of the traffic sources?

When it comes to promoting offers in the CPA Marketing business, the most important thing is to bring traffic or visits to the promotion websites in order to get conversions and consequently commissions.

Below are the most common types of traffic and their definitions:


Mobile traffic is basically traffic that comes from mobile or tablet devices. If your site or offer is not optimized for mobile traffic, you could be losing many conversions. Anyone who sees a website on their mobile is participating in mobile traffic. You must ensure that you have specific web pages that work on mobile phones.


Native advertising is the type of ads that tend to match and combine with the website or publication in which they appear. The ads are displayed as a banner and inserted into articles, videos and much more. Native marketing is incredibly popular and appears on all major Internet sites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the search results of a search engine. In general, the higher a website is positioned in the results of a search, the more traffic it will receive. This is called, organic traffic, since you are not paying directly to the search engine to display the website in the results. SEO is not limited to text search.

Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call is the method by which the merchant or advertiser will pay a commission based on a telephone call. Sometimes it is when someone stays in a call with an agent for a minimum amount of time. It is very popular because it allows the potential customer to have a real conversation with the agent.

Social media

Social marketing is a form of Internet marketing on any social media platform or website. Social media means any platform that allows a group of Internet-based applications and audience to exchange content. Most social media platforms can operate on any platform or device. Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest examples.

Display Media Buying

Also known as display advertising, it is a method of buying advertising space for banners. You can buy advertising space, either directly from a website or in specific means of purchase in advertising networks. Typically, this advertising is paid on a CPM basis, that is, the cost per 1,000 impressions. However, when display advertising is purchased from the owners of a website to occupy a space and place a banner, you can often negotiate a fixed rate for a certain time.


Email Marketing is the process of direct marketing of a commercial message by email. It usually involves lists, which are groups of email addresses legally gathered by various forms. There are a lot of email laws established to reduce the so-called SPAM and each contact on your list, by law, must be registered on a voluntary basis.


Incentive traffic is the traffic that comes from a source of incentives. This means a source of traffic where the visitor is asked to complete a few steps before receiving an incentive. Often, this traffic comes from CPA links. The user is asked to fill out an offer to obtain the free incentive or gift. Once the offer is filled the user receives the promised incentive.

Lead Generation

It is the process of attracting potential prospects and turning them into solid potential clients. This is usually done online by collecting personal data, which can range from a name and email to fill in complete forms with more personal information of the user, depending on the offer or promotion. Generating leads is very successful and popular among CPA networks because they can simply pay the member’s commission for getting a user to complete a form without having to pay out-of-pocket money.

Although these are not the only sources of traffic, they are the most common when it comes to affiliate marketing. The sources of traffic for a campaign are often combined. The best way to get into affiliate marketing is to choose a type of traffic and stick with it until you have mastered it.