What is the functionality of a Popup on a website?

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What is the functionality of a Popup on a website?

In CPA Marketing it is very common to see small pop-up windows within a website called Popup, anyone can add a Pop Up system to their own website for free or for payment, even with specialized software it is also possible to add these pop-up windows in third-party websites.

The function of a Popup is to temporarily show the prospect or visitor a small message of promotion, offer, registration, gift voucher, etc. It basically fulfills the function of showing a quick call to action.

There are different types of sizes and the design is always customizable, the content includes title, text, image, call to action. Although a Popup can meet different objectives, they can be summarized in three main pillars:

1.- Generate profits.

2.- Promote the brand or product.

3.- Attract more prospects or clients.

The use of a good Popup system along with the landing page can attract many conversions when it comes to promoting CPA offers.

The type of conversion is also very varied, you can try to create a list, deliver a coupon, increase the download of some software, get more clicks on the link, increase the number of likes, make viral sharing the website, deliver a visitor incentive, fill out a survey, etc.

Pop Up is a very useful tool in CPA Marketing, although it is worth mentioning that some sources of paid traffic do not allow the use of Popup in the landing page, however it is a very effective way to get conversions when you can use it.

At what time are the Popups shown?

Depending on the time: It is possible to configure a Popup so that it appears visually as soon as the page is loaded, this is known as the Input Popup or it can be displayed after certain seconds of entering the webpage.

Depending on the scroll: This means that the Popup can be displayed when the visitor moves to the end of the page or at a certain point in the content.

Depending on a specific action: This is shown after buying, after commenting or when trying to leave the website, the latter is known as output Popup.

It is important to make intelligent use of this promotion system since it can not be used at all times but when the promotion variants allow it, we must make the most of it.