Why is campaign tracking important?

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In the CPA Marketing business there are tracking tools that are designed to provide tracking statistics in addition to measuring the performance of advertising campaigns.

This type of specialized tracking software is used to calculate and record many key factors that help improve the advertising work of CPA affiliates. With this you can measure the number of conversions and click on the offers or campaigns.

Affiliate networks also use custom or third-party tracking software to connect merchant offers with affiliates this in order to calculate the number of legitimate clicks, views, conversions or any other important factor for performance measurement.

The tracking allows for an in-depth analysis and the CPA networks rely on this for fraud detection. For a super affiliate, setting up their tracking tools is an essential part of promoting CPA offers.

Without tracking it is impossible to record results and optimize or scale successful campaigns. There are free and paid tracking tools available for any affiliate in fact it should be for you a need to start practicing crawling your campaigns as soon as you can.

Installing the correct tracking in your campaigns will allow you to achieve some essential things, including:


Calculate how many clicks, views, conversions and more factors that come from a specific link or campaign. Without knowing this, it is very difficult to judge your profitability and to know if your campaign is making or losing money.


The tracking software allows you to cover or mask your long-term affiliate links to display a more attractive and shorter URL. You can also use these features to mask the reference site and show the user an offer link with better visual presentation.

Cost effectiveness

Without tracking it is difficult to pinpoint the point exactly where and when you are making money. The tracking lets you know exactly what you are paying for the traffic and the amount of return on investment, so you know if you win or lose money. It is very difficult to scale and optimize campaigns if it is not tracked.

Postback / Pixel

It is a tracking pixel that connects to the CPA network and communicates with its tracking tool alerting when and how a conversion occurs. This means that you can see exactly in your campaign when a conversion occurs and how it was generated (including through which ad, landing page or traffic source).